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The United Martial Arts Association / U.M.A.A. is a recognized Martial Arts Association of many Martial Arts Disciplines such as the various styles of Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Kung-Fu, Grappling Arts, Boxing & Self-Defense. All styles of martial combat are welcome and can be a part of the U.M.A.A.
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Preston Baker Grand Master
773. 398. 9837

Otis Baker Grand Master
773. 454.6061
Stan McKinney Master
773. 317. 1837
The United Martial Arts Association / U.M.A.A. was formed by the Baker Brothers, Preston and Otis in 1971.
Their vision and goal for the U.M.A.A. was pre-mixed martial arts era, encompassing any and all martial/combat arts. Cross-training , cross-compettion produces the ultimate warrior.
Rico Paone, Grand Master *7th Dan