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Grand Master Eddie Baker

Hachidan, 7th Degree

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Grand Master Eddie Baker began his formal study of Karate in the fall of 1968 under the instruction of his older brothers, Otis and Preston Baker.

Eddie was the first of the Baker brothers to show an interest in Karate, but he was drafted into the U.S. Military Armed Forces in June of 1965. He started his formal Karate training after 3 years of honorable service to his country, returning to his brothers in Chicago.

Eddie read and studied from Martial Arts books he acquired through mail order, long before his brothers Otis and Preston began their classes.

Master Eddie Baker has been involved with his brothers in everything that was achieved through the Baker's Martial Arts League, beginning with their first commercial school which was Baker's Dojo of Karate.

During his younger years, Eddie won many awards in the Kya Division and also in the Black Belt Division before retiring.

Eddie has always been one of the chief Instructors at Baker's Dojo and also one of the Instructors at Burnside Baptist Church presently.

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