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Grand Master Matthew Glasper 

Ju-nidan, 12th Degree

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I, Reverend Matthew J. Glasper Sr. began karate September of 1968 on Albany and Douglas Ave. under Yatergan martial arts. In 197l went to YMCA and studied under Grand Master Preston Baker. From the day I became a student of martial art, I have always studies and practiced over eight hours a day.

I studied with Grand Master Preston Baker until I was Nedan Black Belt. When I was only a 1st degree black belt, many saw me as a Master. I mastered one-hundred kicks in thirty seconds and one- hundred push-ups on one thumb.

I was introduced as a master of martial arts by Jimmie Jones. When I was 22 years old, at one- hundred and forty pounds I was No. 1 in four weight classes in four states, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio.

At 31, l was ranked number four in the world by Karate Illustrated Magazine and the Korea Magazine rated me number three. I won more tournaments than any other black belt fighter in the world. I made the evening news doing fifty push-ups on one thumb.

At the age of 25 I was called to preach by God. At 27 I combined Goju-ru-kenpo and Shorei Goju together and called it Holy-Te Martial Art from a christen prospective.
I am the organizer of Holy-Te Martial Arts.

From a young child Sensei Preston Baker has always told me I was going to be a leader one day.

Sensei Preston Baker, Brad Hughs and Joe Ward brought out the best in me they turned me into a unstoppable fighting machine.

I hold the record for the most kicks at one time and the fastest kicks in the world. I Matthew J. Glasper Sr. decree that I will break my own record twenty five years later and will set a new record with ten pound and fifteen pound weights tied to my ankle, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, Reverend Matthew J. Glasper 12th degree black belt.

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Matthew Glasper Grand Master 12th Degree Black Belt

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