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Grand Master Preston Baker

Judan, 10th Degree

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Grand Master Preston Baker began his study of Karate in September of 1965. He was promoted Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) by a review board of Black Belts of higher rank in 1968. He then began teaching and producing some of the best students in the Midwest. He has been teaching and training for over 50years.

As an Instructor and one of the better competitors in the Midwest area, he has traveled throughout the United States and gained the respect of all instructors and competitors.
He and his brothers Otis and Eddie have instructed over 30,000 students and have directed and promoted over 86 amatuer tournaments. Grand Master Preston Baker has 286 Black Belts under his instruction, 20 ranked in Great Lakes Top 20 and 8 ranked nationally.

Grand Master Preston Baker's Career Accomplishments:

* Three-time runner up of A.K. A. Nationals 1970 - 1973

* 1973 - 1974 Captain for Chicago Team against the New York Team

* 1974- 1975 Rated by Professional Magazine and Black Belt Magazine as the #1 Great Lakes Fighter

* 1974-1975 Chief Instructor for the National Karate League

* 1974 Co-founder of the HuBaMe Karate Association

* 1975 Middle Weight Winner with a TKO over internationally 2nd rated Manny Chausarn, Tai Boxer from Thailand

* 1975 First Karateka to fight Pro in Chicago

* 1976 Along with brother, Otis Baker, formed Chicago's first Professional Karate Team known as the "Windy City Pros"

* 1976 Along with his brother Otis Baker, formed and laid out the New United Martial Arts Association

* 1976 Winner of 500 awards in Kata and Free-Style fighting

*1976 Head-Instructor of Baker's Dojo of Karate and Body Building

*1976 Three -Time Midwest Grand Champion

* 1977 Winner of the Instructor -of-the-Year Award

* 1978 Midwest Karateka of the year

* 1979 First Place Winner of the Tournament of Champions

* 1979 Great Lakes Regional Dedication Award Winner

* November 4, 1979, Re-tired from open competition at the great Lakes Regioinal Karate Championship, after winning 2nd Place Kata

* 1980 Co- Sponsor of the Martial Art, Karate and Kung-Fu Expo

* 1981 Second Place Winner of Wisconsin Classic, Grand Master Division

* 1982 Excel award for outstanding community dedications and services

* 1983 Co-Director of the Chicago Metro Karate Championsip

* 1983 Promoted to the rank of Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt) by the United Martial Arts Association

* 1991 Promoted to the rank of Shchidan

* Grand Master Baker has continued his pursuit in the Martial Arts and Received his 9th Dan in 2008

To Be Continued...

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