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Grand Master Rico Paone

Shichidan, 7th Degree

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Grand Master Rico Paone was born Oct. 15, 1945 to Salvatore and Carmela Paone. His Parents and theIr 6 kids (himself included) migrated from Acerra Napole, Italy to Chicago in 1955.

His fighting career began at that young age on the streets of Chicago. In 1964 he started Akido and by 1970 he was a Black Belt in Karate and Akido.

He went on to win multiple tournaments and was crowned National Grand Champion Brown Belt Division in 1969.

Due to injuries he did not compete after 1969. However, his involvement in the martial arts community remained strong. He continued to go to events and in later years he worked to establish a Martial Arts Commission in Illinois.
Grand Master Rico Paone - Shichidan 7th Degree Black Belt

> 1964 - He Joined the Mid-West Yoshin Kai Akido Association

> 1968 to Present - He Joined the Genki Karate Association

> 1968 and 1969 - He was Crowned Grand Champion White, Green, and Brown Belt Division

> 1968 and 1969 - He was Crowned City of Chicago, State of Illinios, Mid-Western, and National Grand Champion Brown Belt Division

> 1969 - He won 1st Place in the Hyd Park YMCA Tournament of Champions (Brown Belt)

> He Became a Black Belt in Bushido Fighting Society, Degerberg Acadamy of Martial Arts, and the Society of Black Belts

> 1975 - He Organized the IL Legislative Council to Establish A Martial Arts Commission and Set Up Guidelines for Opening a Martial Arts School, Rankings, and Tournaments.

> 2010 - He was Inducted into the Illinios Martial Arts Hall of Fame

> 2014 - The Baker's U.M.A.A. United Martial Arts Assoc. (7th Dan Promotion in Shorei Goju-Ryu)

> 2015 - The Baker's Chicago Mid-West Martial Arts Pioneers Bio Files

Grand Master Rico Paone's Career Accomplishments:
(847) 840-3101

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