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Grand Master Stan McKinney

Kudan, 9th Degree

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He began his studies of the Martial Arts in the sixties in Chicago, Illinois under the instructions of Master Preston Baker. He then obtained his 1st Dan black belt in Shorei Goju karate in 1970.

Later he achieved receiving his black belt in Kenpo Karate under Sensei Fines Whittley Sr. over 30 years; Sensei Stan McKinney studied Hapkido Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, GungFu, Wing Chung and Kung Fu.

He has taught and lived in the Uptown community for ten years and worked as a Community activist since the 1970's.

He has also operated martial arts' classes Aral Middle School for the Chicago Park District with the Board of Education.

Sensei McKinney also teaches at Prologue Alternative High School, at 640 W. Irving Park Rd... This is the 1st program that offers Credit for the students who take the martial arts class.

He also teaches at Mt. Carmel Martial Arts Academy. He has a staff of other black-belts helping him in his quest to teach 30-5L students in the Inner City area. He also did bodyguard work for Congressman Bobby Rush, some local Aldermen and other dignitaries.

Rev. Grand Master Preston Baker 9th Degree Black Belt-(Shorei Goju Karate) A world champion competitor in the early sixties throughout the USA. Master Preston competed with many well-known martial artists like Chuck Norris, Bill (Super foot) Wallace, Jim (Enter the Dragon) Kelly, Billy (Tai Bo) Blanks and many others.

On the tournament circuit he and his brother Otis were known as the Baker Boys, but one of Master Baker's best contributions was opening karate schools on the Westside of Chicago in the heart of the black communities of Lawndale, Henry Horner housing projects, many of the city's Park Districts, Boys & Girls clubs and YMCA 's. Grand Master Preston Baker has trained many students with forty plus years of consistency in the martial Arts.

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