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Master Frederick Douglas Shorts

Rokudan, 6th Degree

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Began training in February of 1978 received Shodan Black Belt from Sensei Fred Anderson (Sho Go Tae ) - March 1981

Received Nidan in May of 1985 from Sensei Kmau MOYO

Certified by AKA for Nidan - June 1986

After training in California & Las Vegas returned to Chicago and received Sandan in July 2006 from Reverend Master Preston Baker

Received Sandan in Goju Shorei from Master Scorpion Burrage - April 2008

Received Yodan August 2010 from Reverend Master Preston Baker

ILL. State Full Contact Welterweight Champion

Champion of the Desert / Palm Springs, California

Erie House Grand Champion /Chicago, Illinois

Ultimate Dragon Tournament Middle Weight Runner Up / Evansville, Indiana

Golden Crane Karate Club / Olivet Center Chicago

Shorei Kan Do Jo / Chicago

Solid Rock Tae Kwon Do / New Hope, Minnesota

South side YMCA / Chicago

Golden Crane Karate Club

First Step Youth Foundation / Chicago

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