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Master Haorld "Scorpion" Burrage

Kudan, 9th Degree

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Master Harold “Scorpion” Burrage began his Martial Arts training in 1971.

He had several instructors; however, his main instructors were Master John Vinson, Masters Preston & Otis Baker, and Master Ernest Williams.

Scorpion opened a school in 1975 on the west side of Chicago, “Scorpions School of Champions”. Scorpion had several great students, but it was he himself who became a legend.

He won major tournaments such as:
Lama Nationals 1st Place Division Final A.K.A. Grand Champion “three times” Diamond Nationals 1st Place Division Final Blue Grass Nationals Grand Champion “two times” In the 70’s and 80’s the tournament world belong to Scorpion, but not an easy task
because of such great fighters as Steve Nasty Anderson, Richard Plowden, Terry Cramer, and Larry Tankson. Throughout his other achievements Scorpion is also in the Diamond National’s Black Belt Hall of Fame.

In 2003 he received his Rokudan (6th degree black belt), under Jon Vinson.

While assisting as arbitrator at the 2006 Rumble on the Lake tournament given by the Masters Preston and Otis Baker, he received his Shichidan (7 th degree black belt), which was presented by his former instructors Master Ernest Williams and Master Preston Baker.

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