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Master Shihan Paul "Deno" Thomas

Rokudan, 6th Degree

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The History of a Master Shihan Paul "Deno" Thomas...

Shihan Paul "Deno" Thomas, Godan (fth Degree Black Belt) was bom May 14, 1944. Shihan "Deno" Thomas began his Martial Arts career in 1964. In 1968 he began training at JJ Karate Association, studying Shorei-Goju under the instruction of Master Jimmy Jones the founding father of the Universal Karate Syslenr (UKS). .- In competition he has,won many awards, plaques and trophies and has become well known for his fighting and self-defense abilities.

In June of 1979 Master Thomas was promoted to Shod|an (1st Degree BJack Belt) by Master Jimmy Jones.

In 1981, he joined the staffof Tankson's Martial Aits
Academy, LTD. under the ownership of Shihan Larry Tankson.

Shihan "Deno" was promoted to Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) on November 20, 1982 by Shihan Larry Tankson.

In 1990, Master Paul "Deno" Thomas presented his first major tournament at St. Viators Recreation Center in Chicago, IL (Midwest Circuit), and has continued to successfully present this tournament every year throughout the Midwest.

Since 1990, Master Paul "Deno" Thomas has been recognized as one of the top instructors and outstanding Black Belts in the Martial Arts Community.

Shihan "Deno" Thomas received his Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) on March 12, 1989 and his Yodan (4th Degree Black Belt) on December 21, 1990 both were awarded by Shihan Larry Tankson.

He received his Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) from Master Preston Baker of the UMAA (United Martial Arts Association) and a board of higher-ranking Black Belts.

"On February 6, l999 in Flint, Michigan, Shihan Deno Thomas
was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

After many years of dedication, Shihan "Deno" Thomas started teaching on his own on July 20, 1995 at Chase Park in Chicago, Illinois. In October 1995, the DMAA (Deno' s Martial Arts Association) was established.

He has since taught classes at the Dolton Park District,
Riverdale Park District, Daniel's Day Care Center in Dolton, IL, Kids at Work and Play Center in Do!lton, IL, and at the Ark of St. Sabina in Chicago.

Master Thomas has sponsored programs in these area for underprivileged children. Master Thomas has turned out top competitors in the AKA (American Karate j Association) circuit and within the UKS (Universal Karate System), and his aspiration is to continue this tradition.

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