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Sensei Ted Nurse

Nidan, 2nd Degree

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My Name is, Theodore Nurse. I started boxing in 1962 at "Stateway Gardens Center" under the training of, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Ames, both of whom were great coaches and trainers. I later trained at "Windy City Gym" on Chicago's south side.

During the most negative time in my life, I became a street fighter, for little or no money and, lots of time in jail or the emergency room of some hospital. Needless to say it was always at those times that the words of coach Johnson meaning became quite clear "The more you sweat, The less you bleed". Training is the key to success.

In 1974, I joined Olympic Karate School located at Washington and Dearborn St. I studied under Sensei Knudson whom always referred to me as " The Meanest Thing in Green." I studied Hwangdo Judo, under Sensei Dennis and Sensei Maixine Perdue, at the 51st street YMCA.

In 1975 I became a Black Dragon under Sifu Russell Brown.

In the middle of the 1980's I became more committed to my career and less time training . Though I was no longer competing for a while I kept up with current events. In my years of absence I raised a family and worked the Chicago Transit Authority, where I retired from after 30 years of service.

In 2005 I ran into Sensei/Pastor Baker at a grocery store. Though I had known the Baker.s since the 19701 had never studied under them. We talked for a while about the past and present. I was surprised to learn that not only was he still teaching at Baker's Dojo, but that he had also become a Lutheran Pastor. I told him that not only had I retired from CTA, but that I also had custody of my 4 grandsons, at which time he invited us to attend church and Baker's Dojo.

In 2005 me and my 4 grandsons became members of Zion Lutheran Church under Pastor Baker, and also members of Baker's Dojo under the teaching and training of Sensei Preston and Otis Baker where the Bakers have worn off the rust and painted me with character. "TRUE MARTIAL ARTS BUILDS THE MIND AND BODY."

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