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Shihan Enoch Benson IV

Godan, 5th Degree

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Life/Martial Arts Autobio
Sensei Enoch Benson IV began his studies of martial arts in 1970 with Master Carlos Liverston, in Chicago's Altgeld Garden's community Center.

At age 21, he studied under the awesome and dynamic instructions of Grand Master's Preston and Otis Baker of the Baker's Dojo of Karate, Body Builders, and Poses, located on 1300 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL.

Sensei Benson became light heavy weight champion of IL when he fought for that title in 1983 as a 1st Degree Brown Belt (Ikkyu) at the Arie Crown Center in Chicago. He was then promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in 1985 by the Baker brothers and the U. M. A. A.

Throughout his demanding career, Sensei Benson had been contributing to the Martial Arts Community when the opportunity presents itself. He never lost sight of his zeal, will, and love for the sport, rather it was in providing paramedic skills, for martial arts tournaments hosted by Grand Master's Preston/Otis Baker, Cynthia Thompson, Larry Tankson, Shorty Milles, Sensei's Stan McKinney, Jerry Weise and others, or judging at others tournaments. Benson teaches at Baker's dojo whenever time allows.
Sensei Benson loves to work kata as well as participate in Kumite, but most of all, his passion is instructing our children in our Martial Arts community and future.

Special Thanks to Grand Master Cynthia Thompson for all her hard work, dedication, and commitment to the Martial Arts Arena and assisting me in the right path.

I am a member and medical director of the U.M.A.A. Association and I offer my medical services to the martial arts community for a fee.
Sensei Benson is a Christian and works in his Church as assistance security leader in the security ministry.
An elected official (Village Trustee) in Sauk Village, IL
He is also a retired Chicago Firefighter/Paramedic x 31 years
A first aid/CPR instructor
A Real Estate Broker and Insurance Agent.

Benson's Promotion Time Line:
1978: Hachikyu (White Belt)
1979: Schichikyu (Yellow Belt)
1979: Rokukyu (Blue Belt)
1979: Gokyu (Green Belt)
1980: Yonkyu (Purple Belt)
1981: Sankyu (Brown Belt 3rd Degree)
1983: Nikyu (Brown Belt 2nd Degree)
1983: Ikkyu (Brown Belt 1st Degree)
1985: Shodan (Black Belt 1st Degree)
1988: Nidan (Black Belt 2nd Degree)
1991: Sandan (Black Belt 3rd Degree)
2006: Yondan (Black Belt 4th Degree)
2012: Godan (Black Belt 5th Degree)

As a Sensei in the Martial Arts Community, I will honor my Grand Master's (The Baker Brothers); all other Shihan's and black belts in the arena, the students, and most of all, the Art itself.

Enoch Benson IV
2907 223 rd Pl
Sauk Village IL, 60411

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