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Sifu Robert Rockymore Jr.

Imani Shalom Martial Arts Founder & Master Teacher

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Sifu Robert Rockymore Jr. was born on October 16, 1962 in Chicago Illinois. In Chinese astrology, Robert was born in the year of the Tiger. Robert's uncle Thomas introduced him to the martial arts when he was around eight years old. Robert has a long history of working with high risk youth through the martial arts. In 1983, Robert obtained his certification to become an instructor. Shortly after, Robert began working with high risk youth in the Englewood community in 1984.

In 1987, Robert entered into the Tae Kwon Do 10th U.S.A national tournament at the ranking of a black belt and came in 2nd place. Later in 1991, Robert worked to help lower the high crime rates in the Englewood inner city community. Today, Robert continues to work with a number of social services throughout the city such as Operation Link-Up, Ashburn Elementary School, Calvary Community Complex, The United Methodist church and a host of other community organizations, and institutions. Robert certifications are as follows:

Masters Certification:
o Certified by Midwest Masters of Illinois Sept. 15, 2001
o Tsai Kung Fu International Shaolin Martial Arts May 21, 1993
o White Tiger Kung Fu, Sifu Thomas Boyd

Afrikan Martial arts and Cultural International Association:
o Asa Kiniun certificate - October 30, 2004

Universal Taekwondo Association:
o Free Fighting Black Belt Light Weight
10th U.S. Open Taekwondo Championship- October 4, 1987
Certificate of Appreciation for community service of Illinois
Certificate of Appreciation, by Governor Pat Quinn, state of Illinois- May 28, 2009

AmeriCorps Vista:
o Certificate of Achievement for the state of Illinois pre-service orientation

Public Allies Certificate of Achievement:
o White House acknowledgment from President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama-May20, 1993.

Northern Illinois Conference- United Methodist Church City of Chicago Community Planning Team - November 16, 2013

Certificates of Completions:
o Cook County Sheriffs Department (CAPS)
o Community Police Training
o Cook County Sheriff Department In-Care program certified- January 25, 2012
o Joint community police and community crime intervention training- September 25, 1996
o Chicago Alliance for Neighborhood safety- November 21, 1996

o Education:
o Chicago Area Project certified Youth Development Practitioner (Harold WashingtonCollege)- May 16, 2008
o University of Illinois, Healthy living Coach- December 28, 2006
o Northern Illinois University (DeKalb Illinois)- Reaching youth through community involvement social workers license- August 9, 2000

Ministry Certifications (United Methodist church):
o Certified advanced Lay-Servant
o Christian small group Leader-March 3, 2012 ,
o Community of Shalom Certification- May 31,1997

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