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United Martial Arts Association

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Left To Right: The Late, Great GM Otis Baker (Co-Founder), GM Stan McKinney (Director),
GM Preston Baker (Co-Founder)


One-Time Membership Fee of $50 | Annual Renewal Fee $35

U.M.A.A. Certified School Membership
U.M.A.A. Certified Instructor Credential
U.M.A.A. Rank Certificates
U.M.A.A. Membership I.D.

*The requirements and costs of these offIcial U.M.A.A. documentations are among the many exclusive rights & privileges of U.M.A.A. Membership

*U.M.A.A. Members are required to attend and/or $upport ALL U.M.A.A. activities such as Tournaments, Seminars & Workshops. U.M.A.A. Members shall receive a U.M.A.A. membership Package containing All of the Requirements, Rules, Regulations, Rights & Privileges of the U.M.A.A.


GM Fred Degerberg
 10th Dan
GM Bob Zange
10th Dan
GM Harry "Wolfman" Reid
9th Dan
GM Tom Heriaud
10th Dan
GM Mike McNamara
9th Dan
GM Stan McKinney
9th Dan
GM Jessie Manning
9th Dan
GM La' John Smith
9th Dan
GM Eddie Baker
8th Dan
GM Rico Paone
7th Dan
Master John Triplett
7th Dan
Shihan Manson Gibson
5th Dan
Sensei Shonie Carter
3rd Dan